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Knitscene Winter 2015 has been released online and I’m so excited to finally be able to share the designs I have been working on since last December. But before I get to the designs, I really need to express how deeply honoured I am to be one of the featured designers of this issue. My sister Sachiko and I were asked to be a double feature for this issue, the first time Knitscene has done that, and it is so cool to have been given this opportunity.

Honestly, I really felt undeserving, inexperienced, and quite nervous (but crazy excited) when Amy Palmer the editor of Knitscene asked us what we thought about doing the feature. Knowing that someone out there believed in my abilitites and liked my work gave me a new confidence with my designs and I feel like I learned so much over the last while that I’m not sure I would’ve been able to figure out on my own. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Knitscene! You rock 🙂

Okay, sorry for blabbing!

I’m going to share one design every week just to give me an excuse to post on my blog. I’m really bad at keeping it up, so hopefully this will at least keep me going for a little while!!!!

So the first design up is:

The Queen Street Sweater 

(And it made the cover! Double yay!!!)


This pullover is really dead simple. It’s knit flat in pieces on a fairly large needle (5mm/US8) with minimal shaping. The only tricky bit is the slit pockets on the front, which actually aren’t that tricky at all. They just take a bit of basic finishing, which you can work step by step with the tutorial that is included in the magazine.



I came up with the pockets by fiddling and folding up Post It notes one day at work. Using paper is a really great way to figure out how a garment will fold and overlap.



Fashion these days has really taken a turn toward simple shapes and oversized silhouettes which I am totally in love with. I really wanted this sweater to fit right in with this trend while still being something that is basic enough to be worn for years. I hope I succeeded!


I’m in love with the name Queen Street Sweater (which Amy came up with, so I can’t take credit for), which I feel is the best possible name for this particular garment. I’m from Toronto, and Queen St West is the fashion and design hub of the city. You see all walks of life along this main artery, and I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from what I see people wearing here.


Here’s me modelling. not bored, just cold! It was February in Canada when we took these!

Oh yea, forgot to mention the yarn! This sweater is made in Noro Silk Garden Solo. I just love Noro’s base yarns, but being a pretty shy person I always found their vibrant colour combinations a bit much for me. Then suddenly I discovered That they had come out with a line of solid colours in their popular Silk Garden yarn. My dream had come true! And as an added bonus, the colour line was amazing!!! Thanks Noro yarn for reading my mind!

On close inspection this yarn is absolutely gorgeous. The mohair and silk catch the light and sparkle like gems and the tweedy texture really adds an interesting rustic look to plain stockinette stitch. Not to mention Silk Garden has beautiful drape, which is essential for an oversized garment. But maybe that’s just me! The great thing about knitting is that you are free to choose a yarn type and colour that suits you.


The sketch I sent to Knitscene.

Hope you enjoy Knitscene Winter 2015 as much as I do, it’s full of some really great designs. I think it’s one of their best issues ever (and I’m not just saying that because I’m featured in it, I swear!) There are so many things I love and want to make from it, particularly, Brenda Patipa’s Finial Hat, Moon Eldridge’s Kaolin Tunic, and Allyson Dykhuizen’s Buffalo Checks Scarf. Too cute!


All photos here except a few of my own are courtesy of Knitscene/Harper Point Photography. Thank you.

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