This post is a bit overdue, but I had a really good excuse being busy with going to Rhinebeck and all, but maybe I’ll write about that some other time 🙂

So without further procrastination, let me present the Deep Woods Toque.


Original Deep Woods Toque in Knitscene

Since Knitscene Winter 2015 came out, quite a few finished hats have popped up on Ravelry, and I’m so excited about it!!!! I just love seeing FO’s of my designs, it’s one of the most rewarding things about designing. I also really love seeing all the different colour combos and mod’s that knitters come up with. It’s amazing how clever and talented so many knitters are, I’m continually blown away. In fact, most of them I like better then the original one I did!

All photos here belong to the knitters linked below. Please ask permission to reuse.

1. and 2. Kunibert from Hamburg made two hats in different striking colour combos, both with shorter brims, and with the contrast stripe above the ribbing. Also, 1. has a marled pompom! Love!

3. Ibnik from Copenhagen used similar colours to the original, but made a nice big pompom, which looks so cute! Quite a statement in the neon peach 🙂

4. Mamaofpurl also from Hamburg, knitted one of the rows of trees in the second contrast colour to match the brim. It’s so eye catching, you don’t even miss the pompom at all! Very clever.

5. Trin-Annelie from Berlin……well I’m literally speechless, her hat is so lovely! Might need to copy this one for myself….. 🙂

6. Sarakarin from Gothenburg used a lighter colour for the main with dark green trees. The effect is light and clear, it makes me think of peaceful snowy days, it’s so beautiful.

Please click the links above and check out these wonderful knitters Ravelry pages, they are all very talented and do very inspiring work!

So now lets talk a little bit about the one I knitted for Knitscene…

I received my own copy of Knitscene Winter 2015 in the mail the just the other day (I was so excited to get it, I tore the cover when I was opening the package by accident, such a dodo!) and flipping through the pages I came upon Kate Atherley’s article Pattern Play, which is all about achieving gauge. Although brief, this little article is full of very important tips that I think a lot of the more experienced knitters already know, but have brushed aside, at least I know that’s the case for me! It’s sounds a bit arrogant, but for a while there I assumed I knew all about gauge and that swatching could be done half-assed or not at all. Well, let me just show you how wrong I was! See next photo:


Toque had a baby?

No, I was not intentionally making a teeny version of the Deep Woods Toque for a child, the hat on the left was the result of me not checking gauge. AT ALL. I just confidently cast on, and knitted away until I was just about to start the crown shaping, when suddenly I decided to take a look at what I was knitting (like come on, who does that?!) and realized that my knitting wasn’t just scrunched up on the needle, but was actually way too small 🙁

I decided to finish it anyways, since maybe eventually I’ll find someone with a small enough head who can wear it, but I learned a hard lesson. And Kate Atherley, I promise to always swatch!

If you still don’t believe in checking gauge, I urge you to please take a look at her article, it’s a quick read, and she lays it out plain and simple so it actually doesn’t seem too painful to do. All in all I’m just glad this didn’t happen to me for a sweater. When you’re knitting to a deadline, that could really mess things up!


To conclude, the Deep Woods Toque is actually quite an enjoyable hat to make (in my opinion) and is quite easy to modify. Although the pattern is sized for an 18″ hat circumference to be worn with negative ease, more then one Raveller felt that the hat ran a bit big, so they cast on fewer stitches to accommodate one less chart repeat. Others preferred a heavier yarn, so they cast on even fewer stitches and did a few rounds less of the colour work. Whatever works for you is great, just please remember to swatch to avoid having a similar issue to mine! As much as I love FO’s, it breaks my heart to see the ones that don’t turn out :(, but as a designer it’s really important for me to see those ones too so post them anyways. If you do decide to knit this hat, please post your pictures to Ravelry! You will really make my day 🙂 🙂 🙂


   All photos here except a few of my own are courtesy of Knitscene/Harper Point Photography, or specified persons. Thank you.

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